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Today we are going to have a quick look into the latest phenomena in racing game genre. For those who are still wondering, I am talking about the F1 2009 here, and luckily I got an early copy of the original game which is scheduled to be released on 28th of June of this year. Yes, you are that close to getting your hands dirty with this beast of a game! You can also get learn about to get a F1 2019 Redeem Code, to download full game in Xbox one, PS4 or PC game. Truth be told, it took me by surprise with its finer details, overall gameplay, and accurate physics. Without further ado, let me give you a quick review from my personal experience of a few hours of playing, and I’ll also tell you what I liked or disliked about this game.

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About F1 2019 Gameplay

I’ve been playing this game for the last two days. On my 4K display, it looks fantastic. I’m not a massive racing fan, but I have quite happily just gone through the full race on Australia. There was a good feeling of speed, and I never quite feel like out of control of a car. If you do make a mistake, it’s forgiving enough to give you a chance to rectify. There was one time where I really did wobble around and managed to hold it on the track, and then another time, I know I was too late on trying to correct it and ended up hitting the edge.

That was one mistake, but as you get used to it a little bit, you’ll have control over the car you’ve got in the game. For me, it just feels a step up from the previous two years. And as I say look wise, it looks fantastic with no major complaints at all. The cars are finely detailed, and the crowds even look far more detailed than I’m used to seeing in most games.

And as I have experienced, the graphics is TV quality for most of it, and the lighting just seems more realistic. Coming to the sound quality, and I got to be honest here, I felt slight hiccup on the sound. The engine sound was fine, but the TV style commentary just feels a little bit dry and artificial at times. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and have played a couple of games and done this full race. There are not many racing games where I would sit down well over an hour to do one single race, and I can’t actually remember last time I did that to be honest (maybe one of the earlier Forza games).

But yes, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and if I had to put a review score on this right now, I would definitely be looking at 8.5, or maybe 9, yes it’s that good! And above you can get learn how to get F1 2019 Free game Code to download full game.

F1 2019 Game Good to play

When we talk about racing games, we usually mean games like Forza or Gran Tourismo or Project CARS, correct? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that nobody likes the F1 franchise, but to be honest, they were a bit behind in popularity than those mentioned above. However, this year, things will change, and will change for good! The F1 series, developed by Codemasters, reached to that ultimate sweet point with this year’s iteration where a gamer says “wow.” They actually heard what the gamers said about this game, what people liked, and what they didn’t like so much. With every version, they modified, re-organized, even re-developed few things, and at the end, all their effort and hard work is noticeable in this 2019 version. If you ask for my opinion, F1 2019 is hands down the best game of this franchise.

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