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Before we dive deep into the actual preview, let me tell you that Judge Eyes finally has a Western name and a release date! It’s going to be called Judgment, and it’s ready for release in June of this year 2019! The western version will feature both English and Japanese voice acting, along with different English subtitles for both! In this article, we’re going be focusing on what sets Judgment apart from the Yakuza series and also have Judgment Redeem Code generator. I am not going to be spoiling any story elements in this article, so feel free to read knowing that you won’t get spoiled! There’s a lot of ground to cover though, so let’s jump right into it!

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One of the big things revealed in the demo is that players can’t take their sweet time defeating their opponents during battle. Over time, you’ll start to hear police sirens approaching your location, ultimately resulting in the police trying to chase you. You can evade arrest in a variety of different ways, but if you get caught, you’ll be sent to jail, be yelled at by your supervisor, and then have to post bail. The weird thing about this is that you can form friendships with the police if you get arrested enough times, along with a few other surprises. Speaking of friendships, your text messaging app will keep track of all the friends you’ve made in the city.

Fulfilling your friend’s requests will unlock moves, shops, discounts in stores, assist EX actions (like the ones in Yakuza Kiwami 2) and much more. Keep in mind that this is all in addition to the side cases that you’ll encounter. And with roughly 50 friends you can meet around the city, there’s a lot of friends to meet! Find them in the city by looking for the handshake icons!

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Going back to battles for a second, I was surprised that one of the thugs I was fighting with, stole my money while he was grabbing me! Yes, pick pocketing is a very real thing in Judgment, and you might end up losing all of it if you’re not careful! Thankfully, this will only happen during battles… but still, I never had to worry about that in Yakuza! I also noticed that certain thugs would drink energy drinks during a battle and I’ve been told that those thugs will deal more damage, though I honestly felt that I was so powerful that I didn’t notice any difference in their damage. Given that Judgment has more investigative elements, it’s only natural to learn that the game also features dialogue choices. I’ve been told that making the wrong choice doesn’t fail anything, but it will make Yagami look like an idiot. Selecting dialogue in the correct order, however, will give you bonus Sp. Also look above guide to get Judgment Redeem Code and download the full game in PS4.

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The stars on the top right corner indicate how many correct choices you have to make in order to get the bonus Sp, so don’t just haphazardly select dialogue for the hell of it! Sp is the currency you’ll be using to buy different abilities in Judgment, which you can obtain by fighting enemies, solving side cases, and fulfilling objectives in the completion list. All of the mini games seem to be locked in the demo so I can’t confirm, for instance, whether playing arcade games will give Sp. The abilities you can obtain are divided into three categories: two for each fighting style, and one miscellaneous tab that contains everything else. You have two different fighting styles. The red style is more focused on one on one combat, while the blue style is more focused on fighting multiple enemies.

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