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The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr – a short leveling up guide and Get Redeem Code

The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Free Code

This is a step by step guide for power leveling in The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. I want to share this out because many of us will be leveling the new Elsweyr chapter, especially since we have the brand-new necromancer class. I know I’ll be power leveling a few different necromancers up myself, and these are the main strategies I will be using for that. Before get started just a quick disclaimer, if you’re new to the game and have never experienced the story lines of Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. Then definitely take your time though and enjoy the game for what it is first.

You also need to learn how to play the game before you can power level. For those of us who are more experienced, here is my guide for leveling as quickly as possible in Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. Learn how you can get a The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Redeem Code to download the game in your Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Redeem Code Generator

How to level up Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

First, we’re talking about gearing up your character, and this is extremely important, to make sure you are getting as much experience as possible. The way you do that is with a specific trait of gear called “training” which gives you anywhere from 7 to 10 or 11 percent extra experience. So, it’s crucial to get as many training armor pieces as possible. Now you can do this by crafting your own, or there are also some training gear pieces that can drop.

For example, I picked up a heavy helm just from an enemy that I killed, and then here I have a five-piece set that I’ve crafted in the training trait. So ideally, you’ll have all 7 pieces of armor here with training. That will give you a great boost to your overall experience gain. You can also pick up training weapons as well, sometimes these drop from quests or treasure chests or you even get some of these by little level up rewards. Now again, you can craft these if you have access to a crafter that would be the best thing to do. There are some pretty decent item sets that you can get early on when you are power leveling, that make it easier to level up.

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Easy Guide

One of the them that I like is the “vampire’s kiss” set; this gives me a heal every time I kill an enemy. So, this is nice, especially on stamina-based characters who tend to have less healing overall. You can also do sets like “shacklebreaker” for example, which gives you lots of stamina and magicka as well as recoveries and weapon and spell damage which is useful when you’re starting. The other thing that will help is if you have a training gear that you’re crafting, try to get the purple quality. You can see the difference – a white piece of training is 7% and purple is 10%, so that’s 3% extra experience. And if you multiply that with 7 pieces of armor, that’s over 20% additional experience.

So, I think it’s worth it if you are a crafter and you have access to one, getting these up to purple is going to make a difference. Now, in addition to our training gear, we have consumables that should be used, and these come in a couple of different forms. You can get the experience scrolls from the crown store or your daily login rewards. You can get the 50% experience; there’s a 100% experience or the big grand Gold Coast experience scroll which is a 150% experience for one hour. This is a massive boost, so you want to make sure you have at least one of these running at all times.

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