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The Sims 4 Island Living Free Code

Again, we are here with our new game review today, and thanks to all our readers for being with us. Today we are not doing a game review for that matter; instead, we will actually review a new expansion of an existing and very popular game. Yes, we are talking about Sims 4, and this review is about its 7 th expansion, Island Living – which, in our opinion, is the coolest expansion ever for Sims 4. You can get The Sims 4 Island Living Free Redeem Code and use to download this expansion pack. How? Let’s start with the game then.

How to Get Access Online The Sims 4 Island Living Code Generator

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The Sims 4 Island Living Redeem Code Generator

Game aesthetics

Let’s start with the star of the show – the thing that most of you want to know about mermaids. They’re the new life state addition to the sims 4, and they swim around, can deep dive without equipment, and can call dolphins. They look super cute – you can create mermaids on “create a sim”, and they come with 4 different types of tails and tons of details like makeup, colorful hairstyles and coconut bras. And with every expansion pack, comes a new world – welcome to the island of Sulani. A secret cave in a furious volcano, which even though can explode and launch giant rocks up in the sky, there’s absolutely no chance that your sim will get crushed to death like the meteorites in the Sims 3.

However, don’t touch the rocks while they’re hot – just don’t touch it. If you are patient, you can open it like a Kinder surprise and get your collectable goodies. And speaking of deaths, there’s also death by shark. Don’t worry though, they won’t turn you to pieces they will just drag your Sim deep down into the ocean and drown them. Beaches are the new type of community lot, and if you are wondering, we also have waterfront properties. To get download this The Sims 4 Island Living Redeem code, read the tutorial above. And I don’t mean the regular type of waterfront properties you usually see if you live near a beach, I mean that you can actually build on the water. This world is absolutely beautiful, crazy beautiful to be honest. You can easily spend at least an hour just looking around, that’s how beautiful it is!

Career and activities

There are four new careers in this expansion pack. You can be a conservationist, and work hard to protect and clean the island or a lifeguard and shake your muscly titties while you run around the beach or a fisherman to bring your own food to the table or explore the waters of Sulani with the diver career. There are tons of new activities and fun things to do around the island, like snorkeling, swimming, cruising around with your jet ski or your sailboat, sunbathing (but don’t forget your sunscreen), building sandcastles, barbecuing, look for seashells and garbage, take a shower, catch frogs or get pooped on by a seagull.

There are also tons of new collectibles if you are that kind of player, and of course, new foods that are exclusive to the island of Sulani. Overall the world is gorgeous, the items are beautiful, the new activities are fun, and the fact that your Sim’s actions have an impact on the island is an interesting and unique experience.

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